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Personal Online 12 Sessions Crash Course

I teach technical perfect game of chess in 12 Sessions Crash Course!

  • 1 h
  • ₹1000-2000
  • Online Coaching

Service Description

24/7 COACHING CHESS ONLINE CLASSES: I HAVE CRASH COURSE OF 12 SESSIONS IN WHICH WE COVER 50 DIFFERENT TRICKS & CONCEPTS IN CHESS LIKE SKEWER, DOUBLE-ATTACK, FORK, ETC & PREPARE A STUDENT TO PLAY & COMPETE IN TOURNAMENT IN JUST PERIOD OF 1 MONTH. WHILE OTHER COACHES & ACADEMIES JUST LET STUDENTS PLAY GAMES WHICH NEVER IMPROVES HIS/HER GAME & RATING!! WE OURSELVES ORGANIZE TOURNAMENTS AT OUR CENTERS EVERY WEEK FOR SERIOUS PRACTICE & ENCOURAGE STUDENTS WITH CASH PRIZES, TROPHIES, MEDALS, ELO RATING & CERTIFICATES! Learn all 20+ chess tricks in 12 sessions to master the game of chess from Chess trainer ROHAN MAKHIJA. Feel free to recommend us any preschool or center nearby where chess coaching can be started. Fees must be paid in advance! Has been teaching chess in Mumbai & online all over the world from 2010. Lower rated Chess & Rubik's cube coaches can ruin your chess & rubik's cube basics. Most chess coaches & academies are where they don't teach tricks & theory but just ask students to play games only! We provide quality chess coaching & prepare you to participate in tournaments within 1 month! Anybody can play or teach ordinary normal chess game, But we are the world's only organization whose certification crash course teaches to play technically perfect chess!!! ✨6 Tips to Improve & Become a Better Chess Player: 1. Stop playing Quick Chess Games such as the blitz & bullet. Play standard Games of at least 30 minutes per side to think over your moves and play the best move. 2. Solve Chess Puzzles Regularly! 3. Eliminate Blunder Moves by focusing on the Middle game. Secret tip: Don't attack too early. 4. Try out Different Opening Variations. Don't stick to a particular chess opening style. The more you experiment, the better you will get. Follow the opening principles, I had discussed in my previous video. 5. Don't Memorize Moves. Focus on the bigger idea and your moves will follow. 6. Enjoy the Game & Have Fun! #R​ #r​ #rohan​ #rohanmakhija​ #mti​ #chess​ #chessonofficial​ #chesstricks​ #chesspuzzle​ #chessonline​ #chessgame​ #checkmate​ #chessboard​ #chessplayer​ #chessgame​ #chessmoves​ #chessmaster​ #chesslover​ #chesslife​ #chesspiece​ #chesspuzzle​ #chesstournament​ #schach​ #checkmate​ #chessclub​ #chesstactics​ #chessislife​ #grandmaster​ #chesslove​ #chessproblems​ #chesspuzzles​ #chessset​ #bhfyp​ CHESS COACHING​

Contact Details


Rohan Makhija, Forjett Hill Road, Gowalia Tank, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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